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ZEISS Adapter Plates

The adapter plate is a crucial part in your measuring set-up as it connects the stylus system to your probe. Only original
ZEISS adapter plates are equipped with an ID-Chip that is recognized by your Coordinate Measuring Machine. 

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Benefits of ZEISS adapter plates

Only available with the original

  • Preventing operating errors and incorrect measurements

ZEISS adapter plates identifies the stylus system in the software via the ID-chip, thereby preventing operating errors and incorrect measurements. Another advantage: more information, such as the measuring pressure or the angle of the active stylus system, is available on the control panel display with the originals.

  • Speed up stylus changing

The “Quick Change” software function enables the stylus changing procedure to be accelerated by 50 percent of the time. This is worthwhile in the case of complex workpieces requiring several stylus changes.  

  • Speed up measurement time

The "FlyScan" function allows the stylus to move straight ahead over a recess and to continue scanning on the other side without interruption. Nevertheless, the software evaluates the correct measuring points. Depending on the workpiece, this procedure can save up to 70 percent of the measurement time, for example in a tip circle measurement on a gear wheel.

Adapter Plate VAST
Adapter plate VAST
Adapter Plate XXT
VAST XXT adapter plates
Adapter Plate VAST XTR
Adapter plate VAST XTR

ZEISS adapter plates speed up measurements

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