The New Measure in the 450 kV Class

ZEISS CT Technology for Battery Modules

Small footprint, big performance

ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan

Delivering 450 kV performance while maintaining a remarkably small footprint, the ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan is the most compact and robust system of its kind on the market. Not only can its spacious interior accommodate parts measuring up to 590 x 700 mm and weighing as much as 60 kg, its 3k detector and 1,500 W power range offer outstanding penetration strength – all of which is vital for handling the large and dense components that characterize the battery module segment.
The operator console is integrated into the cabinet to save additional space, ensure greater ease of use, and provide a health and safety boost for personnel in at-line and quality lab environments alike. On top of this, the ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan is backed up by a comprehensive and fast service package for a swift return on investment and minimal downtime.

Compact design delivers power and quality Your advantages at a glance

Given that high-quality batteries are essential for growing the reach of BEVs (battery electric vehicles), the battery sector is underpinned by a considerable array of efficiency and quality requirements. The ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan offers a reliable means of performing consistent defect inspections on very dense parts such as battery modules – with a blend of cost-effective performance and compact design unlike anything the market has seen before.

Compact smart design

Small machine footprint, operator console integrated into cabinet, and improved mover system all contribute to outstanding flexibility. This compact yet roomy system can handle parts measuring up to 590 x 700 mm, ensuring the smartest use of the available space.

Robust solution

Even in highly challenging operating environments, this robust performer combines a long service life with minimal downtime. The generator and mover are both developed and produced in-house by ZEISS, underlining the commitment to top-quality components and improving productivity across the board.

Outstanding ZEISS service

ZEISS offers a whole host of excellent hardware and software services, keeping the maintenance requirement low while also providing swift support whenever needed. Teams of native-speaking service technicians and trainers are ready for deployment in 25 countries.

Fast return on investment

The robust system concept, high quality standards, and compatibility with fast cycle times help supercharge productivity, enabling a swift ROI for users of the ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan.

Easy loading

Wide electronic sliding doors allow for easy handling of large parts, while automatic axis positioning promotes convenient loading and unloading. This ergonomic operation boosts comfort and ease of use.

User safety

Designed according to the high safety standards and component quality inherently associated with the ZEISS brand, this machine supports a safe and straightforward user experience.

ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan – product highlights Your at-line/quality lab powerhouse

Though the ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan is characterized first and foremost by its remarkably compact design, this robust solution is packed with additional features to ensure high-level performance. Click the blue dots in the image below for further insight into seven of the most notable product highlights.

Compact dimensions

At just 2,750 x 2,350 x 1,750 mm, the most compact system in its class fits into just about any operating environment.  

3k detector

3,072 x 3,072 px flat panel detector guarantees high-resolution scans for high-precision inspection results.

System/part volume ratio

Sleek yet spacious, with room for parts measuring up to 590 x 700 mm – such as large battery modules.  

450 kV X-ray tube

1,500 W of power deliver the penetration strength needed to scan large dense parts and achieve fast cycle times.

Convenient system design

The mover and generator are produced in-house by ZEISS. The operator can place one foot on the system for easy loading.

Sharp details

The automated 3D scan process is supported by a range of ZEISS software solutions to ensure crystal-clear analysis.

Console on cabinet

Operator console integrated into system cabinet boosts ease of use and saves space as no additional table is needed.

Look closer – Dense parts in stunning detail

The ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan features a new 3k detector for generating 3D volume data sets with higher resolution: More voxels means better detection of smaller defects.

225 kV versus 450 kV

Image comparison of a battery module scanned using 225 kV and 450 kV technology. The smaller voxel size enables the 3k detector to generate higher resolution scans for sharper rendering, even with small parts.

Typical defects

The 3k detector pinpoints issues including electrode defects, stack alignment flaws, and excess overhang – all as part of a non-destructive process.

1. Overhang
2. Tab and Welding
3. Housing pores
4. Gap measurement
5. Electrode defect

Metallic contamination detection

Contamination with metal particles is a key safety concern and must be avoided in the final product. Detailed and reliable inspection of the metal particles in the cell ensures the necessary quality.

Welding seam inspection

Tight seams and flawless welding are vital to battery performance and safety, even more so with the increasing use of thinner foils. The welding quality must be verified through high-resolution scans in which the module remains intact.

Technical data The most compact 450 kV system

Dimensions (W x H x D)

2,750 mm x 2,350 mm x 1,750 mm

System weight

13,500 kg

Tube voltage and current

450 kV, 3,3 mA

Pixel pitch

139 μm

Flat panel detector

3,072 x 3,072 px

Max. workpiece size

Ø 600 x 700 mm

Max. part weight

60 kg

Fields of application:
Battery modules

Inspection features:
Non-destructive inspection and quality assurance of dense materials

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