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June 23rd & 25th, 2020

Take the next step in making the invisible visible in an easier-than-ever way, with our latest software and hardware innovations. Explore our new X-Ray solutions and find out how they guarantee more efficient quality control processes enabling higher quality of your products.

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Webinar: How you can measure plastic parts quickly and accurately with CT

Plastics manufacturers must meet ever increasing quality standards and timings. Their parts often need to withstand frequent mechanical stress in daily use or fulfill small tolerances. However, producing high quality plastic parts is very complex and depends on many influencing factors: from the injection mold itself, the various process parameters to the type of plastic used.

This is why several defects and deformations may occur – also on the inside of parts. In the webinar "How you can measure plastic parts quickly and accurately with CT" we will show you how computed tomography (CT) can contribute to a higher quality of your plastic parts and faster quality assurance processes.

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