Metal printing on the test bench After scanning, parts can immediately be checked whether the captured 3D model matches the CAD model or where there are deviations
How LIGHTWAY succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
ZEISS colin3D
  • In order to obtain feedback more quickly, this company located near the city of Bonn, Germany invested in the ZEISS COMET 3D scanner.
  • After scanning, you can immediately check whether the captured 3D model matches the CAD model or where there are deviations.
  • With the 3D scanning software ZEISS colin3D and the measuring software ZEISS CALYPSO, standard geometries can be "measured easily, quickly and reliably".

A modified CAD model for optimized printing

To identify errors and tolerance overshoots, the part is compared with the CAD model. If the workpiece becomes warped during the printing process or its removal from the build plate, you can see this on the monitor. ZEISS COMET delivers excellent data quality and therefore highly accurate measurement results. All this know-how helps LIGHTWAY to deliver consistent quality at competitive prices.

“What I like about ZEISS is its extremely broad solutions portfolio. Whether you need an electron microscope, a 3D scanner or a computer tomograph, ZEISS solutions enable you to monitor component quality before and after each step in the production process,” says the Managing Director.

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