Fields of application

  • Quality control/inspection
  • Plan/actual comparison of the measurement data to the CAD data set
  • Tool manufacturing and mold making
  • Topography measurement, surface measuring technology
  • Tool reconstruction
  • Scan data to generate machining paths
  • Actual documentation following tool approval
  • Design
  • Scanning of design models for CAD downstream processing, documentation
  • Rapid manufacturing/prototyping
  • Reverse engineering
  • Documentation of historical objects, archeology, etc.

The benefits of optical measuring technology are its high point density and speed. You receive informative results in a very short time. We use various systems: multisensor coordinate measuring machines in the ZEISS O-INSPECT class, white-light sensors for non-contact surface assessment and topography measurement, plus the latest 3D scanners. 

Are you looking to digitize and analyze your entire part surface? Our highly accurate 3D scanners are the solution to your needs. They record an extremely high amount of highly precise data within just a few seconds. CNC-guided rotary tables enable effective measurement and digitization. 

Thanks to the extremely high point density, you can holistically assess parts in a short time. Plan/actual comparisons, re-qualifications and tool correction data can be conveniently and reliably generated.

Compatible CMM:

Innovative ZEISS COMET 6 high end sensor for efficient and high-precision 3D scanning


High-end 3D sensor for high-precision 3D digitization

Next generation of 3D sensor ZEISS COMET Pro AE for faster and more precise modular at-line measurements


When precision and efficiency matter.