Precision for Guaranteed Stability Precise acquisition of component geometry with optical 3D scanning systems
How PERI succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
  • ZEISS measuring systems ensure outstanding flexibility for a wide range of measuring jobs
  • A reliable system ensures precise, repeatable results
  • Precise 3D data enable reverse engineering

PERI checks key components for formwork and scaffolding systems with ZEISS COMET and ZEISS T-SCAN

Some years ago PERI was still performing manual measurements with a profile projector. This was not only time-consuming, but also meant the measuring results could not be reproduced. “Each person had their own approach to measuring which led to different results,” recalls Steck, responsible for Quality Assurance. This is a common problem with manual measurements.

Due to their special requirements, PERI opted to purchase an optical solution. They quickly set their sights on ZEISS and immediately decided to purchase two measuring systems for inspecting the entire spectrum of PERI components: ZEISS COMET and ZEISS T-SCAN. Steck was pleased with this decision.

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