The direct path to meaningful results ZEISS CALYPSO

Universal software for dimensional metrology applications


With ZEISS CALYPSO, you will measure standard geometries easily, quickly and reliably. A single click on the required characteristics is all that is needed for programming. In combination with measuring machines and sensors from ZEISS, you receive a high-performance system from a single source. Thanks to a large number of options, ZEISS CALYPSO also offers the right tools for special requirements.


  • Control of all coordinate measuring machines and sensors from the ZEISS portfolio
  • Creation of measurement plans without programming knowledge
  • Remote optimization of measurement programs
  • Detailed 3D data evaluations and meaningful reports

Technology independence

More flexibility with less effort

In ZEISS CALYPSO, tactile, optical and multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines as well as roughness sensors from ZEISS can be combined in a measurement plan depending on the desired measurement strategy.

Creation of measurement plans

Simple programming and standardization

With the CAD-based metrology software, measurement plans can be created intuitively and with just a few clicks by using appropriate CAD interfaces. The dimensional, form and position tolerances stored in the CAD model as Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) are used for this purpose. The ZEISS variable strategy also ensures the comparability of measurement results.

Automatic generation of travel paths

Ensuring an efficient measurement process

The software automatically generates the travel paths between features and simultaneously optimizes the measuring sequence to reduce operating time. In addition, ZEISS CALYPSO reduces the programming and maintenance effort of measurement plans, as features can be easily added, deleted or changed.

Remote measurement plan optimization

ZEISS CALYPSO planner and simulation

With the software options, complete CNC measurement plans can be created and stored on a computer station remote from the machine. In this way, the user can simulate the travel paths of the measuring device with ZEISS CALYPSO and perform a collision check in advance. The complete capacity of the measurement device is thus always retained.

Detailed workpiece evaluation and inspection

Analysis of 3D measurement data

Users can evaluate their recorded and digitized 3D data directly with ZEISS CALYPSO. The software supports simple or complex measurement tasks – from mesh processing and CAD import to form and position calculations.

Powerful measurement result visualization

ZEISS PiWeb reporting

Professional protocol design is included in ZEISS CALYPSO with ZEISS PiWeb reporting. Users can benefit from protocol templates or create their own reports and templates to visualize measurement results in a meaningful way. With the ZEISS PiWeb reporting plus software option, expansion to statistical functions is possible. In addition, a database for up to 1000 data sets is included and parallel measurement and evaluation on the coordinate measuring machine is possible as well.

The right tools for special requirements ZEISS CALYPSO software options

ZEISS offers additional ZEISS CALYPSO software options for special applications and measurement tasks. You can purchase these in addition to the universal ZEISS CALYPSO measurement software to adapt the software to your individual measurement requirements.

Examples of ZEISS CALYPSO software options:


Software option for measuring, inspecting and analyzing workpieces with non-standard geometries, and doing 3D surface analysis. With the help of CAD models, deviations and measurement results can be displayed graphically on the CAD window.


This option can be used to measure and analyze 2D and 3D profiles and to measure numerous curve-related characteristics, such as the following types of curves: 2D curves (intersection on one plane), 3D curves (intersection on one cylinder) and stroke curves. Both known and unknown contours can be measured with this option.

ZEISS CALYPSO PCM (Parameter-Coded Measurement)

This software option significantly decreases the amount of time needed to measure parts in the same part family. PCM is ideal for manufacturers that produce parts that are similar in shape, function and production process, but only differ by a few dimensions.

ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning

The software option enables dynamization of the inspection severity. Quality control is thus optimized for production. ZEISS CALYPSO dynamic planning generates the sequence of parts to be inspected and adjusts the scope of measurement based on rules from MES/CAQ solutions or ZEISS PiWeb software.

Measurement solutions for all industries

ZEISS CALYPSO is used for quality control in various industries where dimensional measurements are required, as well as in research and development facilities.

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Turbine und Flugzeug
Turbine und Flugzeug
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Turbine und Flugzeug
New standards for more performance and high productivity Latest ZEISS CALYPSO version

ZEISS CALYPSO has been under continuous development for 25 years and is therefore always at the forefront of technological progress. These factors are the motivation behind the continuous improvement of ZEISS CALYPSO to meet the changing needs and requirements of users.  

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